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Swing Set Gliders Can Really Rock the Air!


Motor skills anyone? And nope, we aren’t talking the zoom zoom motorcycle kind! We’re talking about all the glorious jumps, slides, swings and strides your children make when hitting the backyard and getting their playset time in! Especially when it comes to swinging! Let’s take a moment here to talk about swinging and how it can improve your child’s gross motor skills. And while we’re at it, let’s put the spotlight back on gliders for swing sets. Because swing set gliders really rock! I mean, swing. Scratch that! Let’s try this tongue twister again. Glider swing sets really rock at gliding!


Swing into the Benefits of Swinging! 

Swinging is just a fun and overall healthy thing to do. Don’t take our word for it though! Let’s see what specialists say about it. In Scholastic’s Early Childhood Today article titled, “Physical Development: Swing, Slide, & Climb!” Dr. Eric Strickland talks about the role of swinging in the development of coordinated movements. It’s an interesting read, because he explains that swinging is what allows children to develop their coordinated movements and how it’s the propelling movements that occur when swinging that gets kids to practice these coordination movements. Is it just us, or is he encouraging swinging? We certainly think so! So, get your kids out there swinging and gliding! Just don’t forget to remind your child to be safe when on their glider for swing sets, walking near a swing set or playground as they could get hurt. Especially if they’re unaware of the other swingers around them!


We See, We Saw, But We Still Love Our Glider 

There’s the canopy swing, rope swing, tire swing, but what about gliders for swing sets? In my opinion, the glider is one of the coolest swings out there! They’re very similar to seesaws in that they both encourage kids to engage with one another, lock eye contact with one another and spark their conversation. All in the way kids face each other when sitting on them! Whereas seesaws are all about the tricky balancing act of ground descends and lift offs, gliders are all about gently gliding children in a sweet swing like movement. For a swing that allows kids to face each other, encourage their conversation and improve their swinging ability, seesaws and other swings should actually be a tad jealous of the glider! In fact, we should probably keep what we’re about write about to ourselves, for as we’re about to learn, the glider’s name is truly one for the skies!

Defining a Glider: A Swing to Rock the Air!

For the record, the name glider can refer to a whole lot! For one, it refers to a comfortable piece of furniture that rocks back and forth. Doesn’t a rocking chair come to mind? Snap this image away! Because gliders for swing sets could very well be named after glider aircrafts or sailplanes. Disclosure: gliders for swing sets don’t actually fly like glider aircrafts! Phew, now that we got that one out of the way, can we all agree that there’s something about gliders that can’t be ignored? Maybe it’s in the excitement, joy and intrigue they produce in children. Whatever the case, gliders for swing sets are the definitely the best of both worlds—familiar to children like a rocking chair, yet exciting like an aircraft in the way they glide kids through the air. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why we love swing gliders so much! Now, that’s an everlasting thought to glide into!



Strickland, E. (2001) Swing, Slide, & Climb!. Early Childhood Today, 15 (8), 34-35.


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