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Changing the style of your outdoor cabana pergola is a great way to make it season-ready. Fall is still a fantastic season to enjoy your backyard with your family and friends, and we have eight ideas for how you can warm up your cabana and enjoy the cooler months outdoors in a cozy escape.

8 ways to make your pergola cozy

A DIY makeover of your cabana pergola could be a great way to spend more time outdoors at this time of year, prepare your house for a special celebration or even create a spectacularly spooky feature for a Halloween party.  

1. Firepits

Having a fire pit is perfect in the fall, but it also means you can enjoy enchanting evenings outdoors all year round. Snuggle up beneath your cabana with blankets and enjoy toasting s’mores on the fire pit nearby. You’ll get that warm and cozy feeling that makes your cabana a great place to lounge in during the day or night. Useful for any occasion, a fire pit is guaranteed to become a treasured feature in your backyard. 

When placing your fire pit near your cabana, always refer to the fire pit manual to ensure that it is positioned safely. 

2. Blankets

Blankets provide a little extra warmth, are lightweight, can be placed anywhere, and come in a range of colors, textures, and patterns to suit your style. We love these ideas for cozying up your cabana with a blanket or two.

3. Pillows

Just like blankets, pillows are flexible, in that you can use them anywhere to add instant style and comfort. Pair them with your blankets to create a truly cozy space under your pergola during the fall season. By adding some perfectly plump pillows, you’ll never want to leave your backyard!

4. Hammocks

Think hammocks are just for summer? Not this year...we think they’re one of the coziest additions to a backyard. Hammocks offer a variety of benefits including space-saving proportions, flexibility and easy removal or transportation. The gentle swing is also said to help promote relaxation.

You can easily install a hammock in your pergola by tying its ropes to the pergola’s pillars. For safety reasons, it’s best not to tie your hammock more than 18 inches above the ground. If you’ve got a metal stand that comes with the hammock set you bought, you can simply position your hammock anywhere under your pergola and snuggle down (under your blankets and pillows, of course).

5. Plants

If you love gardening and want to add that natural feeling to your pergola, make use of plants that are at their best during fall. Climbing plants are perfect for positioning at each pillar, as they will gradually climb up the pillar and give the whole pergola an enchanted look. They not only offer a natural look, but they can also be used to protect you from the elements - especially important during the cooler months! 

6. Curtains

Hanging curtains on your pergola is much easier than you might think, and a great way to make it feel more cozy and provide additional privacy. As curtains come in such a wide range of styles, material, and designs, you’ll easily get something that suits you, while also having a little extra protection from the elements.

7. Hanging lights

Lighting can truly give your cabana that special something. Hanging lights helps you create a comfortable and cozy vibe, and, of course, they’re very practical as the nights start to draw in. Check out these amazing cabana lighting ideas for some top fall inspiration.  

8. Seasonal décor

Why not make the most of the fall season and decorate your cabana accordingly? This time of year is perfect for a cute and cozy theme with pumpkins and check blankets, or you could take some inspiration from these fall décor ideas. When the holidays come around, why not amaze the kids with a DIY santa’s grotto or turn it into a chic alpine escape with fur throws and fondue!
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