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With the holidays creeping closer, you’re probably starting to trawl the gift guides so you can treat your loved ones. If you’re planning something truly memorable, such as a cozy outdoor structure or a playhouse for the kids, you might be wondering just how to gift something so large (don’t worry, you’re not alone!). 

Whether you’re planning a special Christmas treat or giving your backyard a makeover for a big birthday, we take a look at some of the best ways to gift an outdoor structure. 


1. Turn your outdoor structure into a seasonal surprise  

Whether it’s styled around the theme of Christmas, summer or even Valentine’s Day, you can sneakily assemble your gift while the kids are at school or your partner is at work and surprise them with a new addition in your beautiful backyard. 

For Christmas, why not turn your brand new playhouse into Santa’s grotto for the kids, or transform a glamorous gazebo into an alpine escape, complete with faux fur throws and fondue? 

If it’s more of a summer theme you’re going for, a luxury gazebo is the perfect addition to a backyard BBQ or surprise party - simply add tiki torches and rum punch! 

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2. Get your new outdoor structure delivered & assembled 

Some outdoor structure manufacturers (like us right here at Backyard Discovery, of course!) provide a delivery and assembly service for a range of products, such as pergolas, swing sets, sheds and patio sets. 

This could work out well if you’re too busy or don’t want to assemble it yourself, and you’re able to provide the fitting team with access to your backyard and a power outlet without needing to be home. 

This totally simplifies gifting a large outdoor structure, and means the surprise won’t be ruined. If you’re gifting a gazebo, playset or pergola to a loved one or family member, you could prepare the installation site yourself and then let them know on the day that their gift is going to be delivered! 


3. Opt for flat pack 

If you’re a master or mistress of DIY or you simply want to cut the cost of having your gift professionally fitted, you could always opt for a flat pack outdoor structure, which would of course make for much easier gifting. 

With a flat pack gazebo, cabana or playset, you should keep in mind that safe, solid assembly will be required to avoid potential injuries and ensure that it will withstand both everyday use and adverse weather conditions. To do this, refer to your installation manual and check out our handy ‘how to’ guide here.  


4. Shop your new outdoor structure together

If you just can’t keep a secret or can’t decide what type of structure to go for, why not simply ask the recipient of your gift which outdoor structure they want? This still counts as gift giving, and you’ll know that you’re giving something they truly want. 

You can shop online for most outdoor structures, allowing you and your loved ones to browse from the comfort of your own home. 
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