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Backyard Ideas on a Budget

If you love the outdoors, your backyard will be an important part of your home — but things can get costly, especially where landscaping or total renovations are concerned. 

The good news is that there’s no need to blow the budget for a beautiful backyard. There’s a lot you can do with minimal experience and money. Whether you’re a power-tool pro or an enthusiastic newbie, these 10 backyard ideas on a budget are sure to take your space The Whole Fine Yards.

10 budget ideas to spruce up your outdoor space

  1. Plant cheap but cheerful perennials 

Flowers can make a world of difference in making your backyard bloom. Relatively low maintenance and easy to purchase from your local store, simply scatter some seeds and enjoy their beauty every spring!  

  1. Create DIY planters 

Speaking of gorgeous flowers, you’ll need something to plant them in. Rather than get overwhelmed by the expense of porcelain pots and heavy-duty timber beds, get creative with things you might already have laying around the house. Items like tea pots, quirky buckets, apple crates, and even old hiking boots make for great planters and can create quite the talking point when you have guests. 

  1. Find comfort in cozy corners 

Adding pillows and cushions to your outdoor seating area will not only transform the look of your space, but also cozy up the feel of it. Choose materials and textures that complement your color scheme — and you can even make your own cushion covers if your sewing skills are up to the task! 

  1. Make a fire pit feature 

Easy to complete in a weekend, creating your own DIY fire pit can be relatively inexpensive and only requires a few angled pavers and gravel for the base. The perfect spot for social gatherings with friends and family bonfires for years to come, a good firepit is the staple of an all-American home. 


When taking on a DIY fire pit job, always ensure that you are using the right fireproof materials and that the pit itself is located the correct distance from your house (and any neighboring properties). If you’re unsure about any of the above, consult your local regulations and homeowners’ association.

  1. Create a living fence

Requiring little in terms of cash but plenty of patience, a living fence allows you to get the high-end urban look without the high-end price tag. Planting a living fence requires a species of hedge or tree which you can train to take the shape of a fence. Stuck on what species to choose? Take a look at this handy guide

  1. Allow for one big investment 

If you have room in your budget to splash out on something special, you can often enable the rest of your space to look much more expensive. 


For example, a glamorous BBQ grill gazebo is the ideal combination of style and function. Our very own Saxony Grill Gazebo comes in a luxurious dark walnut finish and is carefully crafted from strong, sturdy cedar. It also offers integrated prep areas, a corrosion-resistant steel roof, and our exclusive PowerPort™ feature with convenient USB ports and outlets for electric smokers, grills, lights, device charging, and more. 

  1. Make do & mend 

When it comes to garden furniture, new pieces can seem expensive when you’re on a budget, so you could simply revive your old furniture pieces. To do this with wooden furniture, you will want to remove any existing paint or stain and sand them down before recoating them with a sealant or weatherproof paint. Where metal furniture is concerned, you might be faced with patches of rust, which can also easily be removed using DIY methods. 

  1. Lights, camera, action

Lighting creates instant ambience without breaking the bank. From tiki torches to solar string lighting, adding a little illumination to your outdoor space will completely transform it. Lights work well when hung in trees, placed along the center of tables or positioned alongside garden paths.

  1. Handmade décor

Unleash your creative side by making some of your own DIY decorations for the backyard. From flags to painted plant pots, there are tons of ways you can incorporate a pop of your own personality into your outdoor areas. With this one, you can even get the kids involved — grab those pesky pebbles that you have laying around and paint your own designs on them. 

  1. Complement your cooking 

Bring a budget-friendly kitchen feature to your backyard by planting an herb garden. The perfect idea for the designated chef of the household, this a low-budget option that will also save you money at the grocery store. If you’re stuck for space, simply plant herbs in pots on your windowsill or invest in a window box to give them an outdoor environment.

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