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How to Check and Tighten your Swing Set

Adding a swing set or playhouse to your backyard can transform it into an exciting environment for your children to enjoy. But for the very best Backyardland, safety should be the first port of call, followed by making sure it stays looking fresh and fun. 

For you to get the most out of your swing set, we’ve covered these important safety aspects:

  • How to check your swing set
  • How to tighten your swing set 

How to check your swing set

There are a lot of things that can be dangerous for kids, but playing in their own backyard shouldn't be one of them! Due to most playhouses and swing sets being made using elements of wood and plastic, there are a few hazards, such as screws, bolts, and the inevitable splinters. At the beginning of each play season, and every month thereafter, here’s what you can do to minimize the risks and avoid your little ones getting hurt:

1. Check your backyard is safe for children

The first step to take in checking your swing set is to assess the immediate area it’s in. To avoid any injuries and ensure that your kids won’t come to harm, you should ensure that the swing set is properly secured to the ground and is surrounded by soft, cushioned landing terrain, such as mulch or sand. In fact, while you’re doing this it’s a good idea to check that your whole backyard is a safe place to play.

2. Check your swing set for splinters 

One of the many great things about wood is that it can be sanded down when necessary. You can check your swing set for rough parts and any splinters that are sticking out simply by walking round the set and running your hand lightly along the surface. Take care not to get splinters yourself by wearing gloves if necessary! After you’ve sanded down the rough spots, you can reseal or repaint them to match again. 

3. The right time for plastic

If you’re based in a location of extreme weather conditions where things can freeze, ensure that you remove and store any plastic parts inside, and only reattach them once the warmer weather has arrived. This is because plastic can become brittle and break. 

In a similar sense, you should regularly check all plastic parts, no matter what the climate. If anything looks amiss or has discolored, you should replace the part or check your warranty in your instruction manual. 

4. Assembling & anchoring your swing set

Backyard Discovery products are engineered to exceed the toughest safety standards, and are designed to enjoy a lifespan of 25 years. That’s why you should always ensure that all instruction manual steps are followed when it comes to assembling and anchoring your swing set — you should never cut corners or skip sections. This is to ensure absolute safety. 

If you’re looking to invest in a swing set and don’t want the responsibility of assembling it yourself, no problem! We have specialist assembly teams who can do it for you. 

How to tighten your swing set 

Each of our swing sets come with user-friendly, child-safe hardware that can be tightened using a simple screwdriver. It’s important that you check your swing set at the beginning of each play season — and once a month afterwards — for any loose hardware. As well as tightening your swing set, all moving and metal parts should be properly lubricated in order to avoid damage and rust. 

Most playsets available on the market will use a combination of screws and bolts to hold them together, which can be tightened with a screwdriver and wrench. If you happen to own one of our products, you can get this information in your instruction manual, or by using the step-by-step interactive BILT® app


For over 30 years, Backyard Discovery has been producing the highest quality wooden swing sets, playhouses and backyard leisure products for the home. Our team of innovators and specialists are passionate about bringing our love of quality family moments to your backyard. We are everyday parents just like you, while also expert craftsmen with a long legacy of building great products for millions of customers. We strive to take kids outside (just like we were) where they can flex both their muscles and their minds.

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