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It’s that time of year, when stockings are hung, homes are decorated, and wish lists are written. The holidays are a great time for families to enjoy each others’ presence–and presents! If you’re not sure what to give the kids this year, you might want to consider an outdoor playset for a variety of reasons.

A playset is gift for the mind and body.

Instead of a video game that will keep kids planted on the couch inside, how about a gift that encourages them to get outside and breathe some fresh air. Healthy kids are happy kids, and giving them a playset can provide positive health benefits. For one, an outdoor playset encourages more physical activity.  Studies have shown that children who get more exercise are also better able to concentrate, and thus do better in school. And when they climb, swing, and actively play on a playset, they’re gaining valuable skills like hand eye coordination and physical agility.

A playset will teach the value of friendship and teamwork.

How often can a holiday present inspire valuable life lessons? Most kids will want to use the playset in pairs or with friends to play games with others. With a playset in the backyard, kids will be inspired to invite their friends over and share their new toy. Also, because of the mechanics of swings–one swings while the other pushes–a playset also encourages teamwork and taking turns.  

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It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Instead of panicking because you can’t find this year’s must-have holiday toy, think about getting a gift with a little more permanence. When trends come and go, or the latest technology replaces the one your kids already have, a playset never goes out of style. Adding accessories to your playset means it can be revamped year after year. Because of the ability to transform playsets, they can be holiday gifts to last years to come.

Give the gift of friendship.

The latest video game or flying drone might be fun for a while, but having a playset in the backyard is guaranteed to help your kids make friends. Kids will always want a play date with the playset, and your backyard will become the life of the party.

Give yourself a gift.

While the playset will make the kids happy, it can make you happy too. Not only will having a backyard playset save you time that you would have spent driving to and from a park or playground, for instance, but it will also give you more free time at home. While the kids are busy on the playset, you can tackle your to-do list or simply find time to unwind, without worrying where they are or what they’re doing. Plus, after they spend an afternoon outdoors, they’ll get enough physical exertion to tire them out in time for bedtime, which also might help make your life a little easier.

Playsets bring people together.

The unveiling of a surprise playset for the holidays is a gift everyone can enjoy. Find a reason to invite the neighbors over. Or the cousins who live on the other side of town. The nature and size of backyard playsets is intended for groups of kids to have fun together. When you give your kids the gift of a playset, you’re also giving something to the community–an opportunity to come together and have fun.

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