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From Backyard Games to Schoolyard: Help Make Your Child’s School Year an Awesome One!


With a new school year already in motion, there’s so much for kids to look forward to! New school lessons to study for, after school practices to go to and new playground friends to make! So as children everywhere make the big jump from their backyard games to classroom learning, we’ve compiled four tips to make their school year all the more awesome!


1. Make a Brain Boosting Breakfast

Kids need energy to handle their busy days! Just as mighty breakfasts fueled your little one for their endless backyard games and Adventure Playset fun this summer, healthy breakfasts are again needed to equip them for a school year packed with learning, remembering and problem solving! So as your child makes the jump from their Castle Playhouse to their new classroom, be sure to give them up all the morning good stuff!


2. Snap Those Glorious Back to School Pictures!

You went all summer long capturing soccer matches, water fights, swimming races and many backyard games! All family selfies aside, it’s been one heck of a photo-centric summer! As the paparazzi mom or dad in you gets re-activated for back to school pics, be sure to capture your kids in the all the right settings! Here are two of our favorite back to school photos for your inspiration!

Swing into a New School Year!

Nothing says, “swinging into a new school year” like a photo of your child swinging in action!

“I’m on Top of the World!”

Learning is a lot like climbing. It’s a step by step process! So as little ones kick off a new school year and step into new learning activities, they have a lot to feel mighty about, so why not capture them high atop their favorite Castle Playhouse? Adventure Playsets have great height too, for that awesome “I’m on top of the world” shot!


3. Help Your Child Make New Friends with Backyard Playdates!

Line your child up with after school backyard playdates! This is an awesome way to spark new friendships for them! But whatever will they do during their playdate? Sigh a big relief, because it’s already sitting in your backyard! Adventures Playsets and Castle Playhouses give kids hours of active fun and a whole playdate can be centered around them!


4. Playful Playsets to Inspiring Homework Stations!

Pause all the backyard games in the playhouse, because it’s time to come in and do homework! Our playsets give kids all the active fun in the world, but when it's time to come in and do homework, it really is time to hit the books! Help transition your child from outdoor playtime and get them into homework mode with one simple idea! Create an inspiring homework station! Just as our Sky Fort II, Malibu, Oceanview and other swing sets and playhouses offer your child a unique space just for them, so too do homework stations! Whereas our playsets encourage your child to actively explore, imagine and just be, inspiring homework stations are unique spaces to encourage and motivate their concentration and willingness to study. How do you create one? Some parents turn their closets into a homework nook with a fold out desk, you can also create an inspiring work desk in child's room or provide your child with a portable study desk to turn any space in the house a cozy studying spot! Portable study desks are super for studying on the go! Be it in an imaginative playhouse or inspiring homework station, creating an unique space just for your busy bee is what matters most!

From backyard discoveries to school success, we wish you and your gang a successful jump into the new school year!

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