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Getting a playhouse for your kids is a great way to help them explore their creativity, enjoy time with friends, and have fun right in the comfort of your own backyard. From swings to monkey bars to slides (and more), playsets provide plenty of opportunities for kids to keep themselves entertained. But one part of the playset that gets overlooked is the interior of the clubhouse. With a little forethought, planning, and creativity, you can transform an ordinary playset into the clubhouse of your children’s dreams.

Transform the clubhouse walls.

Just because the playhouse is made of wood on the outside, doesn’t mean you are limited to keeping that wood on the inside. If you want to create a customized look inside the clubhouse,  you have many options for materials that can cover the interior walls. Beadboard is an easy and affordable option. You can also spruce up the inside by painting it a fun color or perhaps even using chalkboard paint to create a space for the kids to make it their own. Other options for covering the walls include indoor-outdoor fabric, reclaimed wood, or anything else that you think might add some flair to the clubhouse. If you really want to take the interior decor to the next level, you can also add materials to cover the clubhouse floor and ceiling, or even hang a kid-proof, weather-proof lighting fixture to allow for some night-time fun or sleepovers.

Functional clubhouse furnitureIntroduce fun (and functional) furniture.

Since the clubhouse is the place where kids reign supreme, you can forego your usual interior decor tendencies for something more splashy and fun. Bean bags, inflatable seats, or a brightly colored crafting table help make the area more fun. It’s also important to measure the space to make sure everything will fit. Consider space-saving options like stackable chairs or folding tables that can easily stored and put away when not in use.

Think about storage.

While many playsets come with built-in drawers or shelves, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few storage bins or baskets. The key is to keep the toys neatly organized but also easily accessible. That way, the clubhouse can contain all the fun, minus the mess. Make sure to use sturdy storage containers that can withstand the wear and tear of repeated play dates.

Create useful spaces to encourage creativity.

A clubhouse can be a great space for enriching activities, too. From installing a reading space to mapping out a crafting area, you can turn a clubhouse into a haven of creativity. Encourage your kids to enjoy reading by creating a comfortable place where they can sit back and relax with a book. If you’re up for it, you can even join them. And when reading time is over, you can always switch gears to coloring, drawing, or any other kind of craft-making. Find an old table that can be repurposed into a workstation for kids and make sure to have plenty of crayons, chalk or paint on hand.

Decorate your heart out.

Don’t forget about adding some decor to the walls. The clubhouse is the perfect place to hang all the kids artwork that doesn’t fit on the fridge. You can add a nice touch by framing the art and displaying them inside the playhouse. Encourage your kids to keep creating works of art and you can switch out the frames from time to time.


So while many playset interiors are already equipped for fun, there are many ways you can add a personalized touch and customize your clubhouse to your heart’s (and kids’) desires.

Manufacturer’s Note: Crafts or remodeling listed in this post are to be completed by adults.

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