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Often we choose the backyard playsets to fit the play needs of our kids and to keep them active outside, but it’s fair to say too, that we may want them to compliment our homes, natural landscapes and backyards! Cedar playsets offer unique characteristics for beautifying our outside environments, without hampering our children’s love for the great outdoors, curiosity for nature and outdoor play.

Big backyards, small backyards, when it comes to enjoying playful natural elements for you and your child to explore together, it doesn’t matter! You and your family can turn straight to your backyard for easy and natural solutions that harmonize your cedar playset all the more within your yard with some of our ideas below, and we’d love to hear yours in return!

Safety first, though! While reading the tips below, please keep in mind that all swing sets must have a safety zone! It is important that you maintain a 6 foot perimeter around the swing set and 6 foot space of clearance above the highest point of your swing set for maximum protection for your children.


Backyard Discovery PLants

Tip 1: Grow a Vegetable Garden

Grow one near your play set! A colorful vegetable garden will enhance your cedar playset within your backyard aesthetically, and also serve as a great activity to share with children. Growing a vegetable garden with your children activates wonder and excitement, all while teaching them where food comes from, creating a memorable activity for them as they grow themselves. And the more those seeds grow and bloom, the more magical of an environment you have made together.

Playful benefits of a vegetable garden: As The National Guidelines’ Nature Play and Learning Places makes known, “plants are particularly relevant as health-promoting elements. When children understand that food comes from plants that they can help nurture and harvest, their interest in trying out new tastes and cooking can increase dramatically.” 


Backyard Discovery Tree


Tip 2: Give Your Play Space a Shady Tree

Playgrounds and trees, what a classic love story.  Not only do they go hand in hand, but growing trees set within a safe distance from your cedar playset can help beautify your backyard and add to the leisure activity possibilities. Planting trees with your children is also a way to teach your child how to give back to the environment, how to identify and observe birds and insects, and with the growth of the tree, how to see time pass gently.

Playful benefits of a tree planting: According to the National Guidelines’ Nature Play and Learning Places, “trees also help, define play settings spatially, offer more climbing and hide-and-seek opportunities and increase multi-sensory stimulation in children play."

Tip 3: Create Some Green Space

Get creative! Similar to trees, shrubs are a solution to balancing the placement of cedar playsets within a backyard. What’s more, they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and seasonal characteristics. Again, minding our requirements for the safety zone, you can get quite creative with landscaping. Plant flowers in a row, swirl succulents into your ideal shape, or create green pathways leading up to your beloved cedar playset. So many possibilities for inspiring a curious journey with your young one.

Playful benefits of a growing shrubs: As per the National Guidelines’ Nature Play and Learning Places, “circles of shrubs create intimate refuges where children can escape, relax, socialize in small groups, or otherwise interact with the natural environment and each other. Vegetated nooks and crannies become favorite places.” 

In a Nutshell 

Adding natural elements alongside such backyard playsets and structures not only helps harmonize them within our backyard environments, but can help give children more contact with nature, which is awesome! We’d love to hear your stories and see your backyard ideas. Share with us on Facebook or Instagram! Good luck and happy planting!



Moore, Robin. Nature Play & Learning Places. Creating and Managing Places Where Children Engage with Nature. Raleigh, NC: Natural Learning Initiative and Reston, VA: National Wildlife Federation Version 1.2., 2014.



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