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I’ve written recently about how I grew up with a single swing to play on in my backyard. I have also written about the joy my young son, Liam, has experienced because we bought him the Oceanview Swing Set. There are times, though, when I do dream about what would be the ultimate kids swing set. If there were no limitations of budget and space, which kids swing set would I love to buy for Liam? 

Looking through the selection of Backyard Discovery and Backyard Odyssey swing sets available I see that there are a few swing sets that dwarf Liam’s (as his OceanView Set in turn completely dwarfs the swing I had). Now even if I had an unlimited wallet, I do not have an unlimited backyard, so these are, of course, dreams for me. Yet people do buy these large luxury sets, so there must be a demand for them from people who have space.

The largest set in the Backyard Discovery collection currently is the Caribbean Wooden Swing Set. In many ways, this is the “big brother” of Liam’s OceanView set and has many similar features. It does have an extra porch area above a rather natty two-person bench porch swing. It has a solid build, with the upstairs feeling like a real play area for any kids lucky enough to be there. Eight kids could enjoy themselves on this set at the same time.

Yet, this set is not that much larger than Liam’s. It would only take a small amount of levelling and shrub trimming for me to enlarge my back yard to find a place for it. It is not greatly more expensive than the set I have either.

I notice that the Backyard Odyssey collection includes some more expensive and extensive sets. Perhaps I should look there to find my ultimate set.

The first set that jumps out at me is the Excursion Wooden Swing Set. This set has a large tower with decks at various levels, a rock wall to climb and a double swing area to take those extra kids. I am sure the snaking turbo slide adds to the fun.

I look further down the page and see the set of my dreams. If only we had space! The Safari Wooden Swing Set is a masterpiece of outdoor fun. Oh, to be a child again! With two towers, an interconnecting passageway, and a balcony there is plenty of room upstairs for imaginative fun. This set is not only a pirate ship for Captain Liam but a whole galleon!

There’s a full playhouse downstairs, as well as a sandbox area and a picnic table and chairs. There’s a double swing area as well.

What I love most are the four regular slides of varying sizes combined with a huge enclosed turbo slide - the ultimate slider’s dream!

The Safari is large enough for Luka to have all his friends and young relatives playing together at the same time. Truly amazing!

Yet I am on the quest for the ultimate kids swing set. As good as the Safari is, it is still part of a set. Other people already have the Safari in their gardens.

I notice that there is a way I can go one better, where I can truly design my ultimate kids swing set. It will be mine (well, Liam’s, but Daddy designed it)!

Looking back at the Backyard Odyssey Swing Sets Collection page I notice that there is an opportunity to build your own swing set. This is a virtual swing set builder - the Create Odyssey app. You define an area in which to design your set and then mix and match swing set components on the screen, to create the design of your dreams.

This app reminds me  of the Builder in The Sims range of computer games - you just don’t have any annoying virtual people you need to toilet train.

I have discovered that the app is clever. You may not be an expert swing set designer (I can’t claim to be), but the app knows what works and what doesn’t. It will only let you place components where it is sensible and safe.

It keeps a running tally of the swing set cost as you add components. If you are building to a fixed budget, this is useful, because you know when to stop tinkering. Otherwise, there is a danger that you ultimate set would end up costing the ultimate price.

Once you have produced a design that you are happy with you can then turn it into a genuine order. Backyard Discovery will create your personalised set for you.

So many choices. So many options. Just how big would your ultimate set be? Watch this space for news about the truly ultimate set soon.

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